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block the president's budget and offer one of their own. secretary of state john kerry has landed in kia for talks about the future of ukraine. itsce on reducing dependence on russian natural gas, we ask mike to hear from both senator kerry and president obama. putinheard from vladimir for the first time since the outbreak of the prices -- crisis. ryan joins us now from kiev. how did you interpret vladimir putin's remarks? >> the main thing about 's presst putin conferences that we got a sense of what he is thinking. ultimately copy is the only person who knows where this conflict is going to go. for the take away was time being he has no intention to escalate things. he said several things during that press conference, one, he said that he saw no need to send troops into ukraine yet. that was a bit cryptic, because ukraine says there are already 16,000 russian troops in crimea. what he needs, i think, is beyond crimea. into eastern ukraine. he also said that russia has no intention of fighting a war with ukraine, and that russia would ,nly send troops into ukraine eastern ukraine, becau
ofthe the world. we need to get to the crisis in crimea. john kerry is headed to the capital of kiev to meet with the new prime minister. i went to bring in julianna from a snowyng us washington, d.c. i imagine the white house had a busy weekend. is d.c. surprised by putin's aggressiveness? respondare working to in handle and control this to the extent they can. seen, the options available to the u.s. are pretty limited. saying over the weekend they are essentially dealing with a leader in valid america -- and vladimir putin who is dealing with a 20th leadingmindset while rusher to be part of the 21st-century economy. that is the challenge they are dealing with. y areare not saying ther going to be changing the calculus. what they are working on is speaking with a united voice out of the international communities, g7. the weekend the u.s. and other g7 nations are expending -- suspending preparations for the g-8 in sochi. there working him putting together sanctions to punish russia and working on putting on an aid package for ukraine which john kerry will be discussing. >> what about
is beginning to get a plan together in ukraine. john kerry is scheduled to sit down with russia's foreign minister. ryan chilcote is in tf. -- in kiev. >> i think we do expect him to threaten t secretary b with thoe sanctions. with thosey lavrov sanctions. talk -- theen threats of sanctions can be as powerful as the sanctions themselves. two things to think about -- since the u.s. started talking about sanctions, a couple of things that happened. yesterday, we heard from president putin for the first time in public comments talking about the crisis. saying that he was not going to escalate this crisis. it did not sound like you would send troops into eastern ukraine. event that i would point out is, kerry today talking to lavrov. he had a multilateral meeting with the u.k. in france and he wanted lavrov and russia to attend. they said they would not go to that meeting. that would be a disappointment for kerry. -- he has tot the balance it out. from targeted sanctions against russian officials and their bank assets abroad, visa restrictions to sanctions that would affect u.s. businesses co
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3